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Butterfly Pleated Drapes

Butterfly Pleated Drapes

Butterfly pleated drapes are an updated softer variation on the pinch pleat. This treatment gives you style and versatility.

Suitable fabrics: Light to medium weight fabrics such as cottons, linens, silks and sheers.

  • Recommended as stationary side panels.
  • If specified to function (open & close), butterfly pleated drapes will not stack back off the window very tightly due to the nature of this pleat style.
  • Stripes & plaids may not line up with pleats
  • Pleating on pattern is sometimes possible by cutting and seaming pieces together. There is an upcharge when pleating on pattern is requested.
  • Silk fabrics should always be interlined.
  • If using a decorative rod with rings, mount rod high enough so molding & glass are not visible behind rings.
  • Consider ring size when determining drapery length; ring size is not included in finished length.

Please visit your local store for additional styles and options.

1. Click on OPEN C360 to customize your product.
2. Select fabrics using several search options.
3. Apply fabrics by clicking on a fabric image, then choosing the applicable option.
4. Apply fabric to the entire piece or just as an accent.
5. Learn more about the fabric by clicking on “Fabric Page”.
6. To view all fabrics that meet your selection, scroll through the page numbers above the fabric images.
7. Use your mouse, touchpad or touch screen to spin the product and view it at every angle.
8. Clear, Change or Reset your search criteria by clicking on the "X" or the "Reset" button below the dropdown menus.

SKU: Butter_Plea_Drape
This product is currently not available online but can be ordered in stores or call Customer Service at 1-800-213-6366.
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