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Who we are
Why settle for low quality ready-made window treatments and the limited furniture fabric choices most stores offer? At Calico, we think the greatest luxury is getting exactly what you want. Our mission is to enable self-expression by sharing our knowledge of design and fabric options to create great rooms together. And with free design services and fabrics at 20-60% off designer prices, decorating is an affordable luxury.
We are experts. Our in-store and in-home consultants are fabric and design specialists. Anything involving fabric – window treatments, upholstered furniture, custom bedding, pillows, cushions and more – is our specialty. We’ll help you coordinate fabrics, colors and texture, and suggest designer touches that make all the difference. And while we don’t sell paint and carpet, we have the knowledge to help with most every facet of your project.
We know how to discover your decorating style. Many interior designers have a style all their own – which may or may not be yours. Instead, we ask questions that reveal your tastes. We ask what you already have and want to keep. Then we utilize the largest retail fabric selection around to find the look that family and friends will say is all you.
We offer a superb selection. Calico has 10,000 fabrics, so your paint box isn’t limited. As one of the largest fabric buyers in the nation, we have special access to the top weaving mills and print houses – and the best prices too. We even have performance fabrics that work beautifully for both indoor and outdoor use.
We are budget conscious. We have a proud history of great values in fabric and custom labor. That’s why Calico’s extensive selection of luxurious fabrics is 20-60% off designer prices from to-the-trade showrooms. And why our design services are free*!
*A modest travel fee may apply. See How To Use Us >>

Meet some of our designers

Calico has hundreds of in-store and in-home consultants nationwide. Let us introduce you to one near you. Contact us>>
Brianna Malott
Brianna Malott
Bellevue, WA
Calico designer since 2007
Quote: "There are so many people out there who know what they like when they see it, but don't know how to pull that look together. What I love most about being a designer is being able to help people pull a look together that fits their own personal style and home perfectly."
Kyla Allen
Kyla Allen
Westport, CT
Calico designer since 2009
Quote: "Recently, I was inspired by a phrase 'Find joy in the journey.' The design process is a journey, both psychologically and aesthetically. With the right design professional by your side, you can find this ‘journey’ both enjoyable and inspiring. Being able to streamline the process for my clients allows them to truly enjoy the process."
Greg Greener
Greg Greener
Austin, TX
Calico designer since 2005
Quote: "The most important thing is to really listen to the client. You will be surprised how much the client gives you to work from if you just pay attention."
Ann Galloway
Ann Galloway
Arlington, VA
Calico designer since 1998
Quote: "Less is more and more is less. This works in all types of design - traditional, transitional, eclectic and contemporary. Make the room timeless - you can always add accents to bring in the 'trend' of the current year."
Marilyn Clopton
Marilyn Clopton
Hinsdale, IL
Calico designer since 2002
Quote: "It is always about the customer. I will always help my customer in any way to give him/her the 'look' they are seeking. I keep my ideas fresh and updated so I can be the best for my customer."
Tony Ventura
Tony Ventura
Houston, TX
Calico designer since 2004
Quote: "I love being able to create a gorgeous look for each client based on his/her needs and incorporating their own personal style and color scheme to each finished custom look. Having a satisfied client is the most rewarding feeling for me."
Gayle Teti
Gayle Teti
Glen Mills, PA
Calico designer since 2013
Quote: "I actually can feel a certain 'rush' when I know I have coordinated the perfect pairing of color, texture and style. Being able to present to the client exactly what they are trying to achieve is so satisfying to me."
Fran Lofaro
Fran Lofaro
Mt. Kisco, NY
Calico designer since 1999
Quote: "Every project is custom and unique, as is every client. Once we hone in on a color palette and style, the excitement begins. It's amazing how fabrics can evoke such emotion in us!"
Tatyana Arynchyna
Tatyana Arynchyna
Birmingham, AL
Calico designer since 2012
Quote: "I want to connect with the customer on a deeper level to understand their vision. Building a relationship is very important as a first step. I try to learn the customer's personality and passions, and use that to create ideas. I believe listening is the key in creating a successful project for a client."
All products sold at Calico are fully guaranteed for quality and workmanship.
All Calico custom products are Made in the USA in local workrooms nationwide.

For Questions, Call 1-800-213-6366 Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm EST.
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