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Calico Videos
See how far Calico has come. We sent two film students on a cross-country journey of discovery, talking to Calico designers and customers about how they use Calico to create something all their own. And the result is a series of 16 short videos that are literally all over the map. Watch for new episodes weekly through the end of April!
Calico Cross Country: Get to know all Calico does by taking a fun road trip!
Mount Kisco
Glen Mills, PA
How far has Calico come in 70 years? In the last episode of our film crew’s Cross Country journey, Lindsay and Jenny discover some of Calico’s newest offerings aren’t even made of fabric. WATCH >>
High Point
Episode 16. Glen Mills, PA
High Point
Episode 15. Richmond
High Point
Episode 14. Charlotte
High Point
Episode 13. High Point, NC
Episode 12. Atlanta
Episode 11. Texas
Episode 10. Phoenix
Los Angeles
Episode 9. Las Vegas
Los Angeles
Episode 8. Los Angeles
Episode 7. Seattle
Salt Lake City
Episode 6. Salt Lake City
St Louis
Episode 5. St. Louis
Episode 4. Chicago
Episode 3. Detroit
New England
Episode 2. New England
Mt. Kisco
Episode 1. Mt. Kisco, NY