Oxnard - Vern Yip - Navy

Oxnard - Vern Yip - Navy

There are three good reasons NOT to wash decorative printed fabrics: shrinkage may occur; washing may affect the dyes used to create the print; and washing may remove some of the finish, changing the hand and appearance of the fabric. Vacuum your upholstered furniture and window treatments frequently. Removing surface dust keeps it from settling into the fabric where it is likely to react with anything spilled on the fabric to make a stain even worse.

1. Click on OPEN C360 to customize your product.
2. Select fabrics using several search options.
3. Apply fabrics by clicking on a fabric image, then choosing the applicable option.
4. Apply fabric to the entire piece or just as an accent.
5. Learn more about the fabric by clicking on “Fabric Page”.
6. To view all fabrics that meet your selection, scroll through the page numbers above the fabric images.
7. Use your mouse, touchpad or touch screen to spin the product and view it at every angle.
8. Clear, Change or Reset your search criteria by clicking on the "X" or the "Reset" button below the dropdown menus.

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Swatch   (5" by 5")
A $7.95 shipping & handling fee is charged for every 4 swatches. Orders ship within 3-5 business days; delivery will vary based on time in transit.


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