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Dressing your windows is about so much more than draperies, curtains and shades! Custom window treatments function best when the right drapery hardware is installed. Kirsch decorative rods and finials, sturdy traverse rods, basic hardware and accessories will help create beautiful views at the window, no matter the weather.  Kirsch Honeycomb Shades, Ambiance Sheers, Vertical Blinds and Natural Shades offer precise control of light and privacy. Use them alone or combine them with curtains or draperies from Calico to create unique windows for your home.

Kirsch Blinds & Shades
Kirsch Drapery Hardware
Kirsch Basic Hardware

For all these looks and more, Kirsch is a valued partner for the quality and style they bring to
windows and window hardware. Like Calico, Kirsch has a long and storied
history. Their
beginning dates back to the invention of the first flat curtain rod and the first telescoping rod by
Charles Kirsch in 1907. Today, Kirsch is noted for a fashion forward line of Blinds & Shades,
Decorative Hardware and Basic Hardware, all available through Calico Corners l Calico Home stores.