Furniture Built To Last, From The Inside Out
Our Custom Design Collection furniture is constructed to the highest standards by skilled American craftsmen and includes special features that you may never see—such as an eight-way hand-tied base, kiln-dried wood, and double-dowel joints and corner blocks.  We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our frames and a 10 Year Warranty on our seat cushions. All Warranties cover defects in materials, construction and workmanship.
Good upholstered furniture can last for generations—but only if it was well constructed to begin with.  With upholstered furniture, 90% of the quality story is on the inside—where you can’t see what you’re buying.  Choose from 3 different furniture collections at Calico: Custom Design, Classic Home, and Savvy. We offer furniture for every budget and style.
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Custom Design Furniture Collection
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Furniture Frames

Choose from more than 250 hardwood furniture frames, kiln-dried for lasting strength and resistance to warping.

Double-dowel joints and corner blocks add stability and structural integrity to each piece of furniture. 

Furniture Construction

There is a mystique about eight-way hand-tied furniture for a reason — it’s superior to other seating systems and contributes the best “sit” and support.

Steel coil springs are set within the furniture frame and tied together in eight directions.  Each piece of furniture has a unique spring pattern and height to provide just the right degree of comfort.  

Furniture Upholstery

After you have selected the fabric for your frame, each piece of furniture is individually hand cut.  Fabric patterns are aligned to match with precision or centered on cushions, as specified, making each piece of furniture a true work of art.
We can even use several different fabrics to create a unique piece.
Personal options available include contrast welting, nailhead trim, and brush fringe on side pillows.  Custom furniture is truly made just for you.  






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